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Make Productivity using Indigo Studio from Infragistics


This article speak about how to make productivity with the new Indigo Studio from Infragistics. In our day to day activities we as designers, developers, and architects gets struck up with few cases where we need to look for some third party software’s or packages to proceed with our activities. Say as an architect if we need to build an architecture or a story board to explain to your developers on how exactly the system flows or how the screens talk to each other or even if we want to prototype the application in no time. So for those who are not known about Infragistics, they are the market leaders in UX with the latest controls and frameworks that best suits requirement in a software development.     [more]

Indigo Studio Features:

We can say Indigo studio is a Wireframe tool which is best in the market or one of the best design tool which helps in completing the design needs in time. The tool is developed in such a way which is very user friendly and all the features can be explored and used easily which makes the tool more user friendly and efficiently which designing and developing the application. Indigo studio is mostly like a software interaction design tool which helps designers and developers to build and design UI prototypes that illustrates rich and interactive experience without writing a single line of code. So what are the features of Indigo studio? Below are some of them which we can see immediately while exploring the tool.

· Design beautiful prototypes of your application in no time

· Design story boards that matches the requirement easily with drag and drop options

· Design and test the prototypes easily with the users

· Animate the design which makes the prototype like a working product

· Invite your team and friends by sharing the design to get immediate feedbacks

· Design the prototypes for different infrastructures

· Create some interactive sketches which explains the storyboard

· Import and export the design as and when required.

Where to download Indigo Studio?

Indigo studio from Infragistics is a free tool (Version 1) and can be downloaded and used it free forever. While the upcoming releases are not planned free which we will get some clear update once the newer versions are released. So the current version is 1.0 that is available to download and which has all the above features. The download link is readily available in the Infragistics Indigo Studio page at the right side where we enter our email address and get the product for free.

Exploring Indigo Studio:

We will explore some of the cool features which we pointed above in this section, first download the application Indigo Studio which is basically a standalone product. Install the application on your development machine or the local machine and start the application which will open an integrated development environment as shown in the screen below.


To explore let us start with a new Storyboard option, click on it and will open an empty story board with the options to include our own images or select the image from the predefined list of available ones from the studio. The inbuilt tools are the list of available controls basically which are grouped for easy accessibility like Layout, Pickers, Contents, Shapes, Stencils etc. as shown in the screen below. Just drag and drop from the list to create your own story board or to design your own screens.


Now as a next step let us explore by adding few controls, just drag and drop the controls that are required for your story and provide the settings that are required which makes the animated flow or the content flow to the different pages or explorer. Here we simply added a layout container and some tabbed control which opens few links on the click of each tab and at the last tab we are showing a static text to the end users. There are some of the sample scenarios, as in real time we can build a complex scenarios easily.


As already mentioned we have 100s of story boards that are already available with the Indigo studio, we can also use any of those or build it from the scratch. Let us run our own story board which we designed by simply clicking on the Run Screen at the top as shown in the screen below. It will open the screen and on clicking of each tab it will open the respective page which we assigned and the last tab opens the tab screen which is a simple text.


We can customize further by adding colors, changing the screen resolution etc. with the option available right on the top of the designer view. That’s is very simple as you see, we can create n number of screens and interrelate the screens with the user clicks which is basically the interaction screens. Now save the storyboard and we can further save it as a template in your project so for any further interaction of new projects or screens we can use it as a template.


Finally we need to share the template or the screen which we designed, we can do that as simple as clicking it direct from the Indigo studio share button. At the top of the Menu we have an option to share prototype clicking on which will open an option to share to a server or to other services where we can click the appropriate option and share the prototype to anyone.



Hope this article give you some information that makes your life easy while designing and prototyping the application before developing. Infragistics provides this tool free of cost with all the features for the life time which we can utilize it to make our development more productive and efficient.

About Author: Karthikeyan Anbarasan, Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in ASP.NET/IIS Architecture. He is the Founder and Chief Editor of the www.f5debug.net website and has authored books on Windows Phone and Business Intelligence(SSIS). He is also a Passionate Speaker and a Blogger on Microsoft Technologies.

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