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Syncfusion Metro Studio – For designing your Icons


Syncfusion, the industry leaders and partners of Microsoft for the third party tools and scripts have came up with a much needed software for creating metro icons. Metro Icons are needed while developing your Windows Phone or Windows 8 application development. Syncfusion Metro Studio is a collection of over 2500 Metro-style icon templates that can be easily customized to create thousands of unique Metro icons. These Icons can be used in any of your commercial application development as well as its licenses on open source and royalty free.    [more]

Syncfusion Metro Studio is available free of cost and can be downloaded directly from the Syncfusion website. Just download the copy of the Metro Studio and start installing it on to your local machine. Once you downloaded the studio open it directly from the programs or from the start screen of your windows 8. We can see the Syncfusion Metro Studio 2 explorer with the available list of Icons as shown in the screen below.


You can search from the list of available category and icon listing with the help of the search option at the top of the explorer. To edit the icon and save it locally just select the appropriate icon and click on the edit button that comes on selection of the icon as shown in the screen below.


Clicking on Edit will open the Icon in a editable window with properties at the right side, we can customize the icon as per our requirement on the height and width, transparency, metro design (circle or square) etc as shown below.


Once you finalized and designed your icon, we have different options to download it locally with options like Save (will provide option to save it locally as Syncfusion metro project file) Export (Provides option to save locally in PNG format), XAML ( Provides option to get the XAML Coding of this icon).


Also we have the flexibility to use the same setting of icon to create multiple icons by simply creating a project and use the same setting across the different icons we are going to create. Just drag and drop the icon which we selected to the “Drop to Create a Project” option at the low bottom to create the project as shown in the screen below.


Once dragged and dropped we can see the project created with a customized name as per out input at the right corner of the explorer as shown in the screen above.

About Author: Karthikeyan Anbarasan, Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in ASP.NET/IIS Architecture. He is the Founder and Chief Editor of the www.f5debug.net website and has authored books on Windows Phone and Business Intelligence(SSIS). He is also a Passionate Speaker and a Blogger on Microsoft Technologies.

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