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Series on Exploring Telerik Rad Control for Windows 8 (Metro)


In this series of tutorials we are going to see how to use Telerik Rad Control for Windows 8 which is in Release Candidate and available for download for Telerik Licensed Developers. For those who are new to Windows 8 and Telerik here is a short introduction to both. Windows 8 is the latest operating system introduced by Microsoft which has a Modern UI (Metro UI) design for Personal, official uses which includes desktops, laptops, tablet devices. Windows 8 is in RTM and will be made available for the developers and subscribers pretty soon.

When it comes to “TELERIK”, it is a market-leading provider of UI controls and components for ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, Windows Phone (WP7), WPF, Windows Forms and Windows 8, as well data access layer, reporting, code analysis and refactoring tools across all major Microsoft development platforms. Combined with its automated software testing and agile project management tools as well as its content management system, Telerik offers an end-to-end solution for building applications with unparalleled richness, responsiveness and interactivity. Telerik products help thousands of companies be more productive and deliver reliable products under budget and on time.       [more]


What solution Telerik Provides for Windows App Store Developers?

As every one knows Telerik is good with its rich set of UI tools and controls, for Windows App Store as well we have a set of 12 controls that are available which makes developers life easy. Telerik Rad Control for Windows 8 (Metro) has a list of controls which is available for both XAML and HTML based projects for developing Windows store apps. Below are the list of controls available with the Release Candidate of “Telerik Rad Controls for Windows 8”.

Controls List:

  • Auto Complete Box
  • Bullet Graph
  • Combo Box
  • Chart
  • Date Picker
  • DropDownList
  • Gauge
  • HubTile   
  • NumericBox
  • Pagination
  • Slider
  • TimePicker


So where to download the Telerik Rad Controls for Windows 8 (Metro)?

Telerik Rad Controls for Windows 8 is a licensed suite which is available for free beta testing to the existing Licensed developers and for the new License, Telerik has free trial for the Windows 8 Rad Controls RC which can be downloaded from the link http://www.telerik.com/products/windows-metro/overview.aspx Just follow the steps in installing the required setups to the Windows 8 development environment. 


So what you will get with this Series of Blog Post on Telerik Rad Control for Windows 8?

In this series, we are planning to cover each of the control in deep on how to use this control effectively with much easiest options that Telerik has provided to solve a problem with these controls. Also the examples are going to be covered in a step by step approach which takes it easier for a Novice or a Professional to get in detail of the control and its usage.

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About Author: Karthikeyan Anbarasan, Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in ASP.NET/IIS Architecture. He is the Founder and Chief Editor of the www.f5debug.net website and has authored books on Windows Phone and Business Intelligence(SSIS). He is also a Passionate Speaker and a Blogger on Microsoft Technologies.

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