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Release of Free EBook on Windows Phone Development


Today I am very happy to announce the release of my eBook which is on Windows Phone titled “Windows Phone Development Step by Step Tutorial”. This eBook covers most of the topics of developing an application with Windows Phone with a step by step approach on using each of the components that are available with the Windows Phone framework. The eBook is targeted towards audience of level 100 to level 400 to get complete idea of application development from the scratch.


About Windows Phone:

Windows Phone is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, and is the successor of Windows Mobile platform a legacy with Microsoft. Windows Phone is primarily aimed at the consumer market rather than the enterprise market. It was launched in the second half of 2010, with a release in Asia following in early 2011. With Windows Phone, Microsoft created a new user interface, featuring its design language called Metro.    [more]


Ebook Details:

Title – Windows Phone Development Step by Step Tutorial

Chapters - 32

Size of Ebook – 12mb

No of Pages – 250

Download Link - Windows Phone Development Step by Step Tutorial.pdf (11.49 mb)



Windows Phone Overview
Hello World Silverlight Application
Working with Alarms/Reminders
Working with Contacts
Working with Calendar
Working with Camera
Working with Panorama Control
Working with Pivot Control
Working with Media
Working with Toast Notifications
Working with Tile Notifications
Working with Raw Notifications
Working with Tiles
Working with Launchers
Working with Choosers
Working with Navigation
Working with Web Browser Control
Working with Screen Orientation
Working with BING Map Control
Working with Device Information
Working with Themes
Working with Isolated Storage
Working with Files and Folders
Creating a Local Database
Consuming an ODATA Service
Consuming a WCF Service
Encrypting Data for Security
WP7 Tool kit for Silverlight
Deploying Application to Marketplace
F5debug - Windows Phone Apps

Please provide with your valuable feedback and comments!!!

About Author: Karthikeyan Anbarasan, Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in ASP.NET/IIS Architecture. He is the Founder and Chief Editor of the www.f5debug.net website and has authored books on Windows Phone and Business Intelligence(SSIS). He is also a Passionate Speaker and a Blogger on Microsoft Technologies.

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9/14/2012 11:35:14 AM #


1/8/2013 10:01:13 PM #

Very good

Enzo Contini
Enzo Contini
2/10/2013 8:19:28 AM #

Very nice. We are waiting a version of the book for Windows Phone 8!!

3/27/2013 2:33:52 AM #

Hi.Howdy to Everyone. I am truly delighted I came across your blog. Now i'm working to get up to date. I have marked this for future useful resource and hope to participate in future conversations.  Many thanks.

4/13/2013 3:46:26 AM #

Windows phone developer book not downloading.... so please help me

prasanna moharana
prasanna moharana
4/13/2013 7:19:03 AM #

its a nice one ...i hope u will participate for future conversation

8/22/2013 11:54:31 PM #

I cant download ebook from the link.

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CCTV Camera Cable
8/27/2013 2:21:56 AM #

Good article love to read the whole new concepts of your site great. 

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