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Interview Questions and Answers on .Net Framework, OOPS, ASP.Net, C#.Net, SQL Server, WCF Series – Part 22


Question 211 - What are the Disadvantages of SQL Server modes?

  • Processing is very slow in nature.
  • Object serialization and de-serialization creates overhead for application.
  • As the session data is handled in different server, so we have to take care of SQL server. It should be always up and running.

Question 212 - What is Custom Session Mode in ASP.Net?

  • We can use custom session mode in following of the cases,
  • We want to store session data rather than SQL Server.
  • When we have to use some Existing table to store session data.
  • When we need to create our own session ID.

Question 213 - What are the Advantages of using Custom Session Mode in ASP.Net?

  • It is useful when we have to use some old database rather than SQL Server.
  • It's not depending on IIS , So Restarting web server does not make any effects on session data.
  • We can create our own algorithm for generating Session ID.

Question 214 - What are the Disadvantages of using Custom Session Mode in ASP.Net?

  • Processing of Data is very slow.
  • Creating a custom state provider is a low-level task that needs to be handled carefully to ensure security.

Question 215 - What is a Query String in ASP.Net?

  • QueryString is way to transfer information from one page to another through the URL.
  • QueryString is attached to the URL with "?".

Question 216 - What are the Benefits of a Query String in ASP.Net?

  • Supported by all the browsers
  • No extra effort is needed to code.
  • Easy to use.

Question 217 - What are the Limitations of a Query String in ASP.Net?

  • All the attributes and values are visible to the end user. Therefore, they are not secure.
  • There is a limit to URL length of 255 characters.

Question 218 - What is Cross Page Posting in ASP.Net?

  • Sometimes, other than round-trip cycle of asp.net web page we need to post one page to another page by configuring controls to be posted to different target page. This is referenced as cross page posting in ASP.NET.
  • Cross page posting is a new feature introduced in ASP.NET 2.0, which eases the life of developers previously they have to use Server.Transfer which has its own advantages and disadvantages but now this is a part of ASP.NET which results flexibility and efficiency.

Question 219 - What is SQL Cache Dependency  in ASP.Net?

It is a new technique in ASP.NET 2.0 which can automatically invalidate a cached data object just like a Dataset. when the related data is modified in the database. So for instance if you have a dataset which is tied up to a database tables any changes in the database table will invalidate the cached data object which can be a dataset or a data source.

To enable this we need a syntax that is as follows:-
aspnet_regsql -ed -E -d Northwind
-ed :- command-line switch
-E: - Use trusted connection
-S: - Specify server name it other than the current computer you are working on
-d: - Database Name

Question 220 - What is Global.asax in ASP.Net?

  • It used to implement session level and application level events raised by ASP.net or by HTTP modules.
  • It is also known as ASP.net application file and resides in the root directory of the ASP.NET application.
  • Events available with global.asax are as follows

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