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Interview Questions and Answers on .Net Framework, OOPS, ASP.Net, C#.Net, SQL Server, WCF Series – Part 5

Question 41 - What is Custom Serialization?

  • In some cases, the default serialization techniques provided by .NET may not be sufficient in real life.
  • This is when we require implementing custom serialization.
  • It is possible to implement custom serialization in .NET by implementing the ISerializable interface.
  • This interface allows an object to take control of its own serialization and de-serialization process.
  • It gives us a great deal of flexibility in the way we can save and restore objects.

Question 42 - What is a Namespace?

  • Containers of objects which contain classes, unions, structures, interfaces, enumerators, delegates.
  • Main goal is for creating hierarchical organization of program.
  • Developers does not need to worry about the naming conflicts of classes, functions, variables etc.

Question 43 - What is GUID?

It is Short form of Globally Unique Identifier,

A unique 128-bit number that is produced by the Windows OS or Windows app to identify a particular component, application, file, database entry, and/or user.

Question 44 - What is a Formatter?

  • A formatter is used to determine the serialization format for objects.
  • In other words, it is used to control the serialization of an object to and from a stream.
  • They are the objects that are used to encode and serialize data into an appropriate format before they are transmitted over the network.
  • They expose an interface called the IFormatter interface. IFormatter's significant methods are Serialize and De-serialize which perform the actual serialization and de-serialization.
  • There are two formatter classes provided within .NET, the BinaryFormatter and the SoapFormatter. Both these classes extend the IFormatter interface.

Question 45 - What is a Binary Formatter?

The Binary formatter provides support for serialization using binary encoding. The BinaryFormater class is responsible for binary serialization and is used commonly in .NET's Remoting technology. This class is not appropriate when the data is supposed to be transmitted through a firewall.

 Question 46 - What is a SOAP Formatter?

The SOAP formatter provides formatting that can be used to serialize objects using the SOAP protocol. It is used to create a Soap envelop and it uses an object graph to generate the result. It is responsible for serializing objects into SOAP messages or parsing the SOAP messages and extracting these serialized objects from the SOAP messages. SOAP formatters in .NET are widely used by the Web Services.

Question 47 - What is Reflection?

  • It is a collection of classes which allow u to query assembly (class/object) metadata at runtime.
  • Using reflection we can also create new types and their instances at runtime and invoke methods on these new instances.
  • At runtime, the Reflection mechanism uses the PE file to read information about the assembly.
  • We can dynamically invoke methods using System.Type.Invokemember
  • We can dynamically create types at runtime using System.Reflection.Emit.TypeBuilder
  • With reflection we can do the below
      • we can dynamically create an instance of a type
      • bind the type to an existing object
      • get the type from an existing object
      • invoke its methods or access its fields and properties

Question 48 -
What is Thread and Process?

  • Threads are basically light weight processes responsible for multitasking within a single application.
  • The base class used for threading is System.Threading.
  • Threads are implemented when situations in which you want to perform more than one task at a time.
      • A Process is an instance of a running application.
      • A thread is the Execution stream of the Process.
      • A process can have multiple Threads.
  • Example: A Microsoft Word is an Application. When you open a word file, an instance of the Word starts and a process is allocated to this instance which has one thread.
      • Create Thread – use System.Thread() class and create an instance.
      • Join Thread - use object.Join() to join threads.
      • Suspend Thread - use object.Sleep(<No of seconds>) to suspend a thread.
      • Kill Thread - use object.Abort() to abort a thread.


Question 49 - What are the difference between a Dll and an Exe?



Create an object of dll

Not in exe

In Process Component

Out Process Component

Multiple Uses

Single use

Cannot be started as stand alone

Can be started as stand alone


Question 50 - What are Globalization and Localization?

To implementing a multilingual user interface, you design the user interface to open in the default UI language and offer the option to change to other languages. Globalization is the first step in the process. A globalized application supports localized user interfaces and regional data for all users. Truly global applications should be culture-neutral and language-neutral. A globalized application can correctly accept, process, and display a worldwide assortment of scripts, data formats, and languages. Accommodating these cultural differences in an application is called localization.


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