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Windows Phone development explained step by step with a 31 days series with source code and example in detal!!!
Detailed interview question and answers on .Net Framework, ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server, OOPS and WCF!!!
A free download to the community, which has the step by step tutorial on Learning SQL Server Integration Services!!!
A free download to the community, which has the step by step tutorial on Learning Windows Phone Development!!!

New F5debug Windows Phone App is available for download

  We have revamped the old F5debug Windows Phone application to a good looking application with an inbuilt search features to search for the posts and also included different sections of the posts in separate tabs like Articles, News, Videos, Reviews, Tips and Giveaways. The application can be downloaded from the Windows Phone market place free of cost. [more] Application Download URL – http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/f5debug/3fb80e14-9bc5-4636-b4e3-b5680b8b14a7 Screen Shot:                     Please prov... [More]

Presented F5debug Webinar on "Windows Phone Application Development Series - Introduction to Windows Phone"

  Today we started the F5debug webinar series on Windows Phone and todays session was covered with Windows Phone Introduction and highlights on the latest SDK compared to the older version. Later we came across the demo on how to develop your first Windows Phone application using Visual Studio 2012 IDE. [more] Presentation Download Link : http://sdrv.ms/1bqG2Xk Download Size: 2.5MB No of Attendees: 12 Please post your questions in the forum section to discuss on any Microsoft topics.

Windows Phone Application – Tamil Alphabets by F5debug

  We are happy to announce the next Windows Phone application published to the market place which is “Tamil Alphabets” for kids. Tamil Alphabets is a great choice for any parent looking for a kid-friendly Windows phone application that focuses on helping children through spelling-out Tamil Uyir Ezhuthu (i.e. Vowels). This application is not available for free and it’s a paid version (0.99$) to download the app from the market place. [more] Application Download URL – http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/tamilalphabets/9ecd3740-060a-4277-907b-7b41a8ad6348 Screen Shot:  ... [More]

"No launchable projects are available for profiling" - Exception Solution

  While I was developing an Application for Windows Phone and trying to use the inbuilt profiling option that was provided with Windows Phone SDK in Visual Studio 2012 IDE I came across the issue that the profiler is not attaching to the project but gives an exception "No launchable projects are available for profiling". Profiling and Application Analysis features in Windows Phone are really excellent add on’s that will be used widely when an enterprise level application is developed for Windows Phone. [more] Exception: "No launchable projects are available for profili... [More]

Announcing new F5debug EBook on “101 How to on Windows Phone Application Development”

  I am very excited to announce of the release of my new EBook titled “101 How to on Windows Phone Application Development”. The book is focused on detailed how to step by step on topics in Windows Phone Application Development. The book covers both Windows Phone 7.1 and Windows Phone 8.0 versions and codes samples for each of the how to which can be downloaded from my website.    [more] EBook : Title – 101 How to on Windows Phone Application Development Technology – Windows Phone (7.5 and 8.0) Author – Karthikeyan Anbarasan Pages – 463 Topics – 101 chapters Book ... [More]

How to take Screenshots on Microsoft Surface RT Device

  Recently I got chance to upgrade my Microsoft Surface RT device from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 preview and was trying to take some screen shots. Since Surface RT don’t have option to install the desktop application, was searching for some shortcuts to take screen shots of the device screens. Microsoft Surface RT provides option to take screen shots with some inbuilt key combinations. The same works for both Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro versions in both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Preview versions of the Operating System.   [more] Solution: Press and hold the Capaci... [More]

Quick look at New Apps in Windows 8.1 Preview

  Its going to be a week now with the release of the Windows 8.1 Preview in Build 2013 conference held at San Francisco on June 2013. As we explore the product on the latest features and enhancements (refer to the article on the Top features that are introduced in Windows 8.1 Preview). Microsoft has patched few apps with this release of Windows Blue (Windows 8.1 Preview). This post give you a glimpse of the 7 new apps that comes out of box while we upgrade our environment to the Windows 8.1 preview.    [more] 7 New Apps in Windows 8.1 Preview: Below are the list ... [More]

What new in Windows 8.1 Preview released?

  Recently Microsoft released Windows 8.1 preview during the BUILD Conference in San Francisco on June 26 for selected professionals and for the public. The final version of the Operating system will be available to the general public by the late 2013 as per sources from Microsoft. The company is not providing any Software upgrades or service packs for its operating system which they normally instead they come up with the new OS with inclusion of new APIs and enhancements suggested and recommended by the general public and the experts. Tammi Reller, head of marketing and finance for the ... [More]

[Exception : Solution] - An exception of type 'System.UnauthorizedAccessException' occurred in System.Device.ni.dll but was not handled in user code

  We might end up with the above exception while developing your window phone application development, basically on the location services enabled application development. To resolve this issue you need to follow the below steps, the exception is because of the application settings on the capabilities. This issue might be common across different other capability as well, so you need to activate the capability which we are planning to use it in our application development.     [more] Exception: An exception of type 'System.UnauthorizedAccessException' occurred... [More]

Book Review - Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook

  Abhishek Sur, Microsoft MVP and one of my close Community friend recently published a book on “Visual Studio 2012 and .Net 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook”. In this blog post I am going to speak about my experience in reading this book. This book focuses on commonly asked questions related to the new features that are introduced in .Net Framework 4.5, Visual Studio 2012 IDE, .Net Assemblies, Memory Management, ASP.net 4.5 enhancements, Async Programming, Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Store application development. This book will be very useful for any developer who focuse... [More]

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