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Windows Phone development explained step by step with a 31 days series with source code and example in detal!!!
Detailed interview question and answers on .Net Framework, ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server, OOPS and WCF!!!
A free download to the community, which has the step by step tutorial on Learning SQL Server Integration Services!!!
A free download to the community, which has the step by step tutorial on Learning Windows Phone Development!!!

New Windows Phone 8 Emulators for Development

  Microsoft recently released a new set of Emulators for Windows Phone 8 development for both Update 2 and Update 3 release which has been done a month before for developers. These emulators are specific if your app are targeting a larger screen resolution and having much higher capabilities. Windows Phone 8 update 2 and update 3 has a separate set of emulators that are available to download which targets different range of devices starting from 720P, WVGA (+ 512MB) WXGA. Windows Phone Update 2 and Update 3 will be applicable to be installed on the system which has Windows Phone 8.0 SD... [More]

Localization in Windows Store App development

  In this tutorial you are going to see how to Localize and Globalize a Windows Store application step by step. Localization is the process of translating a product into different languages or adapting a product for a specific country or region. When your app is targeting a global market like India, UAE, Russia language plays a major role as most of the user specific are not in English. So we cant really develop apps in multiple languages for each of the location. To localize the application for Windows Store apps, Microsoft recommends to use the inbuilt localization mechanism to transla... [More]

Product Review: Collabion Charts for SharePoint

  Collabion Charts for SharePoint is an handy product which provides a quick and easy way to create insightful dashboards in SharePoint, without the need for MOSS or Excel Services. It works with WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007,  SharePoint Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Server 2013, including SharePoint Foundation server. So what is Collabion Charts about? See the official description below Collabion Charts for SharePoint helps you create delightful (and insightful) dashboards in SharePoint in under 15 minutes, without the need for MOSS or Excel Services. It works with... [More]

How to store a Key Value Pair in Windows Phone

  In this article we are going to see what are the possible ways we can have a Key Value Pair data stored in Windows Phone and how you can effectively utilize in storing some information or application settings which can provide a better approach to handle with in the application. In Windows Phone data can be manipulated and stored in multiple ways and also can be retrieved and used in multiple ways based on the requirement and performance. In real time we need to have a couple of flags or local information that should pertain to the application level which we cant really depend on a Clo... [More]

Steps to Download Windows Phone GDR3

  Ok last couple of days we are seeing about the new Windows Phone GDR3 updates and the list of features and enhancements that comes with GDR3 (refer this post to get clear updates on GDR3), also we have seen the new developer preview program which Microsoft recently launched for the developers. Here arises the question, how to get the update and steps involved in downloading Windows Phone GDR3 update on to your device. As mentioned in our previous post (refer to get clear update on the program), to get the GDR3 before it comes to the consumer you need to be part of the Windows Phone Dev... [More]

Windows Phone Developer Program Launched for Developers

  With the news on Windows Phone GDR3, Microsoft is happy to announce a new platform for Windows Phone developers which was expected and a requirement that was shared earlier. A new program called Window Phone Preview for Developers has been launched which gives the app developers an early access to the Windows Phone platform before it goes live to the public. This preview program will give developers a much early access to the platform to test their application and get to know if it works perfectly with the new environment and new code. So who can participate ? We have a restriction ... [More]

Whats new features for Windows Phone developers in GDR3

  First of all there is a question from many what is GDR, and this is the time I should say this. GDR stands for “General Distribution Release”, where the number 3 indicates the update version. Before this release Microsoft has done with GDR2 and GDR1 updates which has a list of enhancements and bugs fixed. Now with this update we have a major list of features that are available to the end users which makes more powerful environment for Windows Phone. As an highlight of this release the much attractive part is the bigger start screen for more Live Tiles and better accessibility options f... [More]

Xamarin Android Application Development Ebook Review

  I got a chance to review the ebook “Xamarin Android Application Development” by Diptimaya Patra and I would say he makes the life of the developer easy with all the basic stuffs covered in simple terms to start developing you application with Xamarin. So for the readers “Xamarin is a Cross platform Mobile application development framework for .net developers using C# as the coding language. Xamarin provides the environment to develop iOS, Android apps using C#.Net using Visual Studio”. The ebook covers Android Application development using Xamarin with C# as the code base ( For iOS d... [More]

Visual Studio 2013 RC (Release Candidate) now available for download to developers

  Its again a news about the release of the Visual Studio 2013 RC for developers where SomaSegar, Corporate VP has announced in his recent blog post today. With this release you can go ahead and download the latest version of Visual Studio and install parallel in the machine which runs Visual Studio 2012 and earlier versions. This release is not specific to the MSDN subscribers rather its to the public who can download and start using it right away. Yesterday we saw the blog post on Windows 8.1 RTM release which has a greater impact to the developers in response with targeting the app de... [More]

Windows 8.1 RTM available for Download to MSDN Subscribers

Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows 8.1 RTM version for both MSDN and TechNet Subscriptions. Any one with a valid MSDN or TechNet license can now login to the account in https://msdn.microsoft.com and start downloading the RTM version directly from the subscriptions download page right today. Microsoft initially announced the Windows 8.1 will be available for download in Mid October 2013 which has been lots of discussion with partners and developers who focused to develop apps targeting windows 8.1. With this Microsoft finally decided to release the Window 8.1 RTM Version to ... [More]

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