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Windows Phone development explained step by step with a 31 days series with source code and example in detal!!!
Detailed interview question and answers on .Net Framework, ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server, OOPS and WCF!!!
A free download to the community, which has the step by step tutorial on Learning SQL Server Integration Services!!!
A free download to the community, which has the step by step tutorial on Learning Windows Phone Development!!!

How to remove Blank lines between codes in Visual Studio Code editor

  We as developer came across multiple projects with 100s and 1000 lines of code which are written by n number of co developers. We came across the situation quite often to clean the code with the unwanted lines and spaces which makes the code pretty neat and tidy. This short tip will help to clean the code which has blank lines in a simple one click solution with out really need to go through each and every line and do a hard delete with the key board. Visual Studio Integrated development environment (IDE) is very powerful with many features which as developers we are not much considere... [More]

What’s new in Visual Studio 2015 for developers

  Every time when Microsoft releases a new version of Visual Studio, there is a buzz around on what are the features that are released which makes developers life easier. Microsoft has recently announced a Technical preview of Visual Studio 2015 for the community to get their hands on before the final release. With this release we can find a much enhanced way the developer can work towards the newer IDE with everything right from the traditional web development to native windows development and to the latest Mobile development. For quite some time we are hearing support from Microsoft on... [More]

What’s New in C# 6.0 – Auto Property Initializer

  The first C# 6.0 feature which we are going to see today is Auto Property Initializer, with the previous versions normally we declare and initialize auto properties separately with a must constructor to create objects. But with the latest version we can Auto initialize the property without any explicit constructor declaration. Hearing it quite new, yes this feature is introduced to avoid having an object to initialize the property, rather do it while declaration itself. Let’s see how we can do that programmatically. First lets see a quick look on how we initialize properties with the f... [More]

How to add existing folder or directory to Visual Studio Project Solution

  Every developer who work on Microsoft technology should have came across this situation with Visual Studio on how to add a set of files from a folder or the folder itself to Visual Studio Project solution in simple steps. There are quite few who did by first creating a new folder in the solution (Add new folder) or adding the files directly one by one which is time tedious if we have huge number of files. Always Microsoft makes developer life easier, hope everyone accepts that. Yes with Visual Studio we can directly add the folder or files without adding it manually one by one in simpl... [More]

Series on “What’s new in C#.Net 6.0”

  Friends first of all Happy New year 2015, on this new year I am starting this series of tutorial to discuss about the latest release of C#.Net and what improvements does it comes with. This series will cover all the new features and enhancements that are released with this version of C#. Microsoft is really focusing closely on the improvements of C# by fixing most of the know items and providing enhanced code. This progress provides developers a new look towards writing the code in a different way rather writing the lines of code each and every time. C# 6.0 is under CTP3 and to get you... [More]

Bdotnet Hangout - New Security Features for Developers in Windows phone 8.1

BDotnet Wednesday Hangout is an initiative by Bangalore .NET User Group which is held every Wednesday between 9-10 PM . This week I got a chance to speak on Windows Phone 8.1 with the title “New Security Features for Developers in Windows phone 8.1″. You can watch the recorded session here.

Steps to Send Emails from Windows Store app for Developers

In this article we are going to see how to send emails from Windows Store application step by step. Sending email from the application is one common feature that is required in most of the cases by the developers to send some information to the customer on periodic basis or on demand as and when required. Windows Store app has no inbuilt module which can hold the framework to send emails on demand, we can use a third party component called “LimiLabs IMAP Component for .Net” which does the same process that is required to send emails from Windows Store apps which has a free version and a paid v... [More]

Programmatically get User Location in Windows Store Apps

  In this tutorial you are going to see how to programmatically get the location information of the device in a windows store application. There are scenarios where we need to collect the user information for audit or to understand where the user currently locate to provide a better information on their needs near by. So what we can get with the location information, basically we can get the Latitude and Longitude of the current location from which the app has been launched and event triggered. To access the location information from the Windows store app we need to access using the Ge... [More]

Programmatically Generate a QR code in Windows Phone 8

  In this article we are going to see a much interesting topic on how to Programmatically create a QR code image in your Windows Phone application, which is a must for any business that runs a show in showcasing the latest and the greatest to the community and the outside world. To give an insight, QR Codes are Quick Response codes as the name speaks its a machine readable language which is unique and which machine reads and do operate based on the information it understands. In common, each and every transaction which needs to be tracked electronically can be accessed with a QR code. ... [More]

Localize your Windows Phone 8 App

  How many of you want to have your Windows Phone application downloaded across the globe and get popularize. This is a question that comes to everyone mind that will my app will be downloaded and used in all the country. Yes the answer to the question will be yes unless if you Localize your application, ok now the question is what is Localization. In simple terms Localization is the process of translating a product into different languages or adapting a product for a specific country or region. Ok now we got the solution, that we can localize to multiple languages and deploy the appli... [More]

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