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A free download to the community, which has the step by step tutorial on Learning Windows Phone Development!!!

Microsoft Surface Pro: 19GB storage space free in 64GB device for $899


imageMicrosoft recently announced the release of the Windows 8 Pro version and a lot of buzz came across for the much awaited Microsoft Surface Pro which is planned to release by end of next month. With Microsoft Surface RT 12 GB of storage was required for the Operating System and other pre installed software with the base Surface RT model which leaves only 20GB of storage for the end users in the 32GB device. Later on we can see from the Microsoft Surface official website with just 16GB of free space on 32GB device and 45GB on 64 device Surface RT device.          [more]


Microsoft Surface Pro: Only 19GB free Space:


With the upcoming release of Microsoft Surface Pro which is set to launch by February first week in North America, we got a small update from the Softpedia.com website that they have received a statement from Microsoft relieving how much space available to the users who are going to purchase the Surface Pro. Microsoft is quoted as saying that 128GB model, which will retail for $999 will leave users 83GB of free space after the OS and pre installed software. On the 64GB model which will sell for $899, the 45GB of reserved storage will leave just 19GB of space for users.

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